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The Los Angeles area is a great place to live and has attracted one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. More than 22 million people call it home. Of these people, a large portion can trace their ancestry back to the German speaking countries of Europe. Names like Anaheim, Busch, Anheuser, Schwarzenegger, Mayer, Schultz, Boeing, Hahn, Miller, and many others, are common here and are well-known in the business, public service, and entertainment fields, as well as in many others.

Many with a German heritage enthusiastically seek to maintain and foster that heritage. It is a heritage that is rich in accomplishments, pride and history, and represents an important contribution to the success of the world's fifth largest economy. Moreover, it is a testament to the strength and determination of early immigrant populations, as well as to subsequent immigrants and their families. Many have come to this area to build new lives and families, and have added to the success of our region through their work ethic and adherence to important values.

Our bond with the German world today is maintained through a variety of important relationships. These relationships are developed through trade, political, social, cultural, sport, and economic organizations with direct ties to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other German speaking areas. Moreover, Los Angeles has a special relationship with Germany, as the sister city of the German capital of Berlin. And many German speaking tourists and visitors make Southern California their primary destination for both business trips and personal vacations.

We hope our website will provide you information and resources about the German speaking clubs, organizations, and activities in our area. Many of the major German speaking organizations of Southern California are members of the German-American League, and we hope that you will find the information we provide useful.